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 Just received my order today and was so excited to try these bars. I immediately opened them up and tried half of the Low Carb Cafe Mocha and Strawberry Banana and boy was I surprised—These bars were so delicious!!!! I am hooked and these are the ONLY bars that will be allowed in my house!!!! I liked them so much I took some to my trainer tonight at the gym - I hope he like them as much as I do - cannot wait til tomorrow to try 2 more half's of the other flavors!!! Thank you!

Carol C Concord, CA

 Dale's Raw Protein Bars are the best tasting and most nutritious protein bars I've encountered. Like many health-concious individuals, I've tried many different brands, and none can compare to Dale's. The bars offer a quality protein source with a great macronutrient breakdown and delicious taste, in an incredible variety of flavors! His dedication to achieving the highest quality product is supremely evident. The ordering process is effortless and his regular specials are a money-saving bonus. I'm hooked!

Lauren H Atlanta, GA

 Just opened the box with my order in it. The blueberry macadamia is phenomenal! So much protein and nutrition in such a little, delicious bar. Kudos sir. Great job with everything. I have my own business, and like seeing guys like you who really strive to excel and anticipate the customer. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again.

Dustin Pocatello, Idaho

 I recently ordered from Dale's Raw Foods. My girlfriend and I enjoyed every food bar especially the Chocolate Almond Coconut. Everything was high quality and delicious at the same time. I recommend Dale's Raw Foods to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed.

William Eugene, OR


 I am so glad to have found Dale's Raw Foods. Finally a source of grab and go "Real Food". As a busy trainer/studio owner it is important to be prepared when hunger strikes. These bars make my life so much easier. Delicious AND nutritious, exactly what I have been looking for! Dale's Raw Protein Bar are the only packaged bars I feel good about recommending to clients.

Gabby San Clemente, California


 I have gluten and dairy allergies, was so happy to find your website. I ordered the some bars,they are so delicious. Will definitely be ordering more. I highly recommend Dale's Raw Foods.

Sally Chatham, New York


 After receiving my box of Dale's Raw Protein Bars and protein I immediately opened it and grabbed the bars. I was very surprised to find the texture soft, unlike many raw bars out there. After biting into the Vanilla Cashew bar I felt it melting in my mouth and the flavor is incredible. Thanks Dale for putting such a good product together for the world. Good Stuff!

Barry Bethlehem, PA


 I tried Dales Raw Protein Powder and 2 different different bars. They were excellent! The protein powder rocks because it is a great source of vegan protein, 24 grams, at only 110 calories, amazing! The bars are delicious and really kept my energy stores up. These are some awesome products, thanks Dale!

Laure Bethlehem, PA


 We got our shipment today in the mail, and opened it right away. I tried the chocolate cherry bar and my boyfriend made a smoothie with the raw chocolate protein. We were both SO delighted!! The bar was so fresh, it tasted like I just made it in my own home! I eat raw vegan, but I'm serious when I say that ANYONE would really enjoy these products! Even the packaging was nice. Looking forward to trying the rest and will definitely will be buying more!

Jessica Delray Beach, FL


 SUPER psyched when these arrived on my doorstep today!!! Thank you Dale, you really make quality products, and as a fitness professional it is hard to find true, raw, unprocessed food bars, especially ones with pure ingredients & handled with love and care. These are great in between meals and perfect to take on the golf course.

Ali Greenwich, CT


 Dale's Raw Protein bars are extraordinary, unique and delicious. They haunt me until they are gone. If I had to pick my favorite flavor, it would be difficult, but I think I would be satisfied to eat the luscious Blueberry Macadamia for the rest of my life and dream of the others.

The Raw Greens are the best I've tasted and mixes smoothly with water, the berry flavor pairs well with the greens. Dale's Raw Protein is the staple in my raw, vegan diet, both flavors are superb. On our trips we don't leave home without a suitcase of Dale's Protein Bars, trail mix, greens and raw protein.

Looking forward to Dale's newest raw product, can't wait.

Adding my deepest appreciation for your commitment and high standards to Dale's Raw Foods, I can't thank you enough!!!

Pam Boca Raton, FL


 Great surprise coming home to my delivery tonight! The Chocolate Almond Coconut protein bars are outrageous! Can't wait to fire up the juicer in the am & add the Raw Greens. I will definitely be using the special offer you included & order some more. I am spreading the word !! Thanks, Dale. I am stoked !!!

Karen Tequesta, Florida


 Just got my order in the mail today and tried the Chocolate Almond Coconut protein bar - WOW WAS IT GOOD! I cannot wait to try the rest of my goodies starting tomorrow with Breakfast! I am definitely going to be buying more - take advantage of the sale you got going on for sure!

Kellie Yelm, WA


 I love these bars, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and an simply amazed by the freshness and texture and sweetness of these bars! Nothing compares! I am going to see if we can buy these for our Company kitchen at TRX Headquarters!! Thanks Dale!!

Denise San Francisco, CA


 Just want to tell you have much I love your strawberry-banana protein powder mixed with coconut water after my daily workouts! I finally found a shaker that mixes well to drink on the way home!
Sherri Goodyear, AZ


 My 15 yr old daughter tried the vanilla cashew bar this morning & really liked it! She said, "This doesn't taste like one of your usual healthy bars mom, this one is actually good." LOL... she had it for breakfast in place of her bowl of cheerios, and as a mom I felt much better sending her off with one of your bars for fuel than a bowl of cereal!!! Thanks for making a great product that makes me feel good about what my kids are eating!
Heather Laguna Niguel, California


Took some Dale's Raw Protein Bars with me today to work. It's sooo tasty! I think the Chocolate Almond Coconut were were my favorite! My co-workers are always intrigued by the different types of healthy snacks I bring with me so they were all very curious about what I was snacking on!
Tara Las Vegas, NV


How lucky to have happened upon Dale's Raw Foods! Being an athlete and trying to live vegan can be a challenging proposition... nutrient dense, high protein snacks are a necessity for fuel (and enjoyment!), but are elusive... it... seems like most protein bars contain whey and /or copious amounts of sugar. I am so hooked on Dale's Raw Protein and food bars as not only do the flavors taste so yummy, but they are kind to animals and people alike! Love it!! Also, the trail mix is the freshest, most beautiful, wholesome and yummy mix I have ever tasted! Thank you so much Dale for offering an enlightened, superior and quality source of snack/energy food... I hope your company continues to grow and offer more and more great products... you are off to a great start!!
Patricia Tampa, FL


Just got my order in, and I WILL be ordering more! Today, I tried the Chocolate Cherry Raw Protein Bar. It is FREAKIN AMazing! Its a cross between a brownie, cake and soft cookie texture! It almost melts in your mouth. I have a huge sweet tooth, and this totally fooled my brain into thinking I was eating something naughty. I was totally satisfied. The sweet craving was gone, and my tummy was full of pure, raw, real food... with protein to boot! I also noticed that there was NO weird after-taste... like you normally get with most protein bars. I can't wait to try the protein powder in my shake tomorrow. Thanks for coming up with terrific products Dale!
Tina Madison, WI


 Gluten, dairy and sugar free, oh my! That was my reaction every time I shopped for a protein bar. The few bars that did not contain these items had little to no protein. Thank goodness Dale shared my need for a quality, allergen free bar with a substantial amount of protein and was forward thinking enough to create them. Now it's protein, healthy and flavor? Oh my! I'll never have to search the aisles for a quality and tasty protein bar again. Thank you Dale!
Shari Philadelphia, PA
 Just got the raw protein bars and they are awesome. If anyone is looking for a great protein source after a workout, these bars are perfect and so is the protein powder. Thanks Dale : )
Jen Boston, MA


Great job on the protein bars Dale. Great taste & healthy ingredients... awesome food. I also appreciate that you do Q & A on your own products in order to keep improving on them. Just ordered more...
Renee Olmsted Falls, OH

 The products are so wonderful! I am not just eating a snack, I am eating food! Nourishing, clean, pure wholesome food! Food that does not make my stomach hurt! Thanks again Dale!

Vicki Somors Point, NJ