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These Are The Healthiest Energy Bars: The Definitive List

Made from nuts, seeds, and plant-protein (hemp, brown rice, or pea), Dale's Raw Food Protein Bars have become a favorite in the R.D. world.

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How a Broke Fitness Trainer Accidentally Discovered Success in His Kitchen & Launched a Multimillion Dollar Business Without Ever Advertising.

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Dale Buchanan likes things his way. And that's a good thing for the raw food industry and as an example of how to run a small business successfully. As the owner of Dale's Raw Foods, Dale started with almost nothing and in just eighteen months he is running a million-dollar business, selling mainly all online and with hardly any advertising...  


Protein bar maker gets raw food recognition

A Boca Raton fitness entrepreneur has stirred up a recipe for success that tied for first place in a raw foods award.

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Ever since I found out my wife was pregnant back in August of 2010, I've been slowly making changes in my life toward "health" and away from what I thought of as "fit". That started with retiring from training for Olympic Weightlifting and all the dreams associated with that. Then I virtually eliminated all supplements and went on a whole foods only diet, routinely incorporating my own version of Intermittent Fasting...  

Stacy London's Grub Street Diet

Saturday, September 17
I wake up and wolf down a Dale’s raw protein bar. My boyfriend lovingly goes to get me a coffee from Smith Canteen while I finish packing and, in addition to the coffee, brings back a quinoa bowl with eggs. More protein! ...

A Dance For Health

Last fall, when Patti Pao ordered new dresses from designer Joseph Altuzarra, not a single one fit. “I couldn’t even get my arm into a sleeve,” she says...