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Nutrition Information

NOTE: Instructions on finding nutrition facts is listed below.

Raw - "Of or related to a pure & natural state of existence. Uncooked, Unprocessed, Unrefined." Raw foods are living foods that are unprocessed and in their natural state.

Examples are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Raw foods may be dehydrated at temperatures below 115 degrees in order to keep the nutritional value and enzymes in the food. We do not dehydrate our foods. You get all products in it's most natural form, without removing the high water content of each food.

What is the benefit of eating RAW food?

Everyone can benefit from RAW foods because they are unprocessed and in it's natural state. All of the water, vitamins, and minerals are still in the food so they will easily get absorbed and utilized in your body.

Are your products all Gluten Free?

All of our protein bars, overnight oats, protein powders, and superfoods are gluten free and manufactured in a facility that is also gluten free. Our recovery powder is considered gluten free as a proprietary blend of less than 20ppm, however it does have some small amount of gluten ingredients.

Are your products Organic?

Our Energy Squares use all organic ingredients, however because that is a new product, we do not have an organic certification yet.  All of our our other products are not certified organic, but do use some organic ingredients, as listed on the nutrition facts. Therefore, at this time, we do not have the ability to put the organic label on any of our products.

Are your products NON-GMO?

Yes, All of our products are NON-GMO and we are working on getting that certification. 

Are your products Vegan?

Yes they are 100% VEGAN. Please do check out our food labels prior to purchase and email us with any questions if you are uncertain. We do not use any animal products, dairy, soy, wheat, or peanuts. They are made from nuts, fruit, plant based protein powders, superfoods, and plant based sweeteners.

Are your protein bars Kosher?

While the list of ingredients would indicate they they could be Kosher, we do not yet have a certification to make such claims. A Kosher certification is something we are considering for the future.

How do I find the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients?

The nutrition facts and ingredients of each product will be located directly on each product page in two locations:

1) The first location is just under "The Facts" to the right of the photo carousel.

2) The second location is in the photo carousel, the 4th photo.

Go to the product page and look for the nutrition facts image, as outlined in red below.


Nutrition Facts Location

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