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Meet Dale

I'm Dale Buchanan, founder and CEO of Dale's Raw Foods. I have been in the health, fitness, and nutrition business for over 35 years. Since I was 21 I have owned and operated 9 businesses, including 6 in the fitness industry.  Check out Dale's personal Vlog website at

While my background is primarily fitness, I have been intensely studying the effects of nutrition on our lives since the late 80's. I have read over 300 nutrition books, and developed each one of my own protein bars and supplements with much of the information I have gathered in past 30 years.

I started Dale's Raw Foods after a profound experience I had after a detox I did in 2010 to cleanse the junk out of my body. Afterwords, I went on a raw food diet and had greater results. One thing was missing as I tried to continue my high intensity workouts, and that was PROTEIN. My body was not recovering and I was losing strength. That's when I started to research the best PLANT BASED PROTEINS used by raw foodies and vegans. Now I follow a "High Raw" diet by eating about 70% raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I use and incorporate my products into my nutrition program.

In July 2010 I brought some of my Raw Food Bars to my personal training clients and kettlebell workshops I was teaching. They all loved them and told me I should sell them to the public. I dismissed the idea at the time and kept making the bars and researching the best plant proteins. After months of searching, I found a company to manufacture the food bars, protein, and greens powders. Dale's Raw Foods was formed.

In August 2011, I stopped sourcing the manufacturing of my products out to a contractor and built my own kitchen in Boca Raton, FL. The rest is what you now see as Dale's Raw Foods and is explained in several of my youtube videos and website blog posts.