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Dale’s Raw Foods Affiliate Program FAQ

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who shares or markets our product information for us and in return receives a commission for their efforts, based on sales of through our website.

Do affiliates have to stock products?

No, affiliates do not have to stock products. All you need to do is share a special link with people who you feel would be interested in our products and that’s about it.

How do affiliates get paid?

You will receive a 15% commission on sales that come through special affiliate link. Payments are sent out the 1st of the each month.  All payments are done through PayPal Mass Pay, so you will need a PayPal account in order to get paid.

Do we have to have sales experience?

While some sales and marketing experience is always helpful when selling or promoting anything, it is not necessary. We will supply marketing banners,  suggestions, and information to assist you with getting the most out of you affiliate program and earning the highest commissions.

What kind of people or business’s use your affiliate program?

Mostly professionals in the health, nutrition, or fitness community. However, anybody can become an affiliate and earn commissions. People who have the largest customer or client base will be the most successful, especially if they have a large mailing list to send regular info about our products.

How do I get started?

Simply sing up on this page here Once you have registered, you will need to go into your account and complete you info, address, and paypal account information.

What I I have other questions or need assistance?

You may contact our Affiliate Program Manager through email at Do not call the office for assistance with your affiliate program. All inquiries must be sent via email. If you require a return phone call, please indicate that in your email.  

Affiliate Program Quick Links

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