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About Us

Dales Raw Foods is a company founded by Dale Buchanan in January of 2011. Dale is a fitness trainer and former martial artist with over 35 years experience in health and wellness.

We also provide information on living a nutritious and healthy lifestyle. This site will not only allow you to purchase products, but you can keep coming back to read articles, watch videos, and check out the latest news on our blog. We are an online only business. We do not have a retail location or take phone orders. All orders must be processed from this website and shipped to you.

The most unique aspect of our business is that everything is made fresh after you place the order and shipped directly to you. You will receive nothing that has been sitting on shelves for month. Be sure to check out our blog for more info on our products. 

Our Team

Dale Buchanan  
CEO and Founder

Dale has been in the health, fitness, and nutrition business for over 35 years and has been intensely studying the effects of nutrition on our lives since the late 80's.

You can read Dale's complete bio by clicking here.

Dale's Top 5 Inspirational Movies: Field of Dreams, Star Wars (the 1st), The Karate Kid, Rudy, and The Road Home.

General Manager

With his extensive restaurant and management experience, Cary quickly became an indispensable member of the company when he started in November, 2013.

His hard work and dedication keeps production running smoothly, and his fun personality keeps all the staff laughing.

Cary's Top 5 Inspirational Movies: The Green Mile, The Grand Budapest, A Clockwork Orange, Soylent, Green, Full Metal Jacket.

Production Assistant

Gail is a veteran member of our kitchen staff, starting in August of 2013, and has also assisted running the shipping department as needed.

Outside of work, she is a loving mother and all around wonderful person.

Gail's Top 5 Inspirational Movies: Heaven is for Real, Ghost, Castaway, Man on Fire, Forrest Gump.

Office and Shipping Manager

With a passion for health and nutrition, Marissa enthusiastically joined our production team in October 2015.

When she isn't making protein bars in our commercial kitchen, she loves pursuing fitness, staying active, playing beach volleyball and spending time with family.

Marissa's Top 5 Inspirational Movies: Secretariat, Remember The Titans, It's a Wonderful Life, Crash, The Blind Side

Production Assistant
He is inspired by challenges and a job well done. Outside of work Ricardo loves to be outdoors playing basketball (he is 6'5") and spending time with his family. 

Rocardo's Top 5 Inspirational Movies:
American Sniper, Shooter, Deepwater Horizon, Homefront, The Equalizer.