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The Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a plant that originates from the rainforest in Southern Asia and its root is widely used as a spice in many of our foods.

Many people don’t take advantage of the healing effects raw ginger has on the body. Ginger has many therapeutic effects such as calming an upset stomach and muscle aches to fighting off the common cold and ridding the body of toxins.

Here are some more ways ginger can help heal the body:

  1. Aids in digestion. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects and helps ease nausea and fight a stomachache while moving things along in the digestive tract. The digestive benefits of the fibrous root will stimulate the digestive system and helps move food through the gastrointestinal tract quicker.
  2. Helps fight off the common cold and flu. Relieves congestion and detoxifies the body by getting rid of toxins.
  3. Reduces Nausea. Relief from morning sickness, motion sickness, gas, diarrhea and even helps relieve menstrual cramps, too!
  4. Soothes sore muscles. Since ginger has anti-inflammatory effects it’s known to be effective against exercise-induced muscle pain. The anti-inflammatory effects can also help with osteoporosis.
  5. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels


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Dale's Raw Foods uses ginger in our Carrot Cake raw protein bar and have plans to use ginger in future flavors. 

Two New Flavors


Cinnamon Roll Raw Protein Bar


Banana Nut Bread Raw Breakfast Bar

Protein and Breakfast Bar singles

You can now purchase individual protein and breakfast bars instead of only by box of 12 or variety packs. This is the first time since the inception of our company that we have offered individual bars.

Keep in mind that the best value value will always be to purchase a box of 12 bars of one flavor. Also, discounts and coupons do not apply to individual bar purchases. 

You can now shop for a single protein or breakfast bar from our website here 

Protein Bar and Breakfast Bar Sample Pack

Food Bar Sample Pack is finally here!

This Sample Pack includes:

  • 1 each of all 22 flavors of Dale's Raw Protein Bars 
  • 4 flavors of Dale's Raw Breakfast Bars
  • Total of 26 food bars to sample

Click here to order

  • Dale Buchanan

We now use FedEx shipping!

We have officially switched our shipping carrier from UPS to FedEx for several reasons. Below is a list of the benefits for you.


  • FedEx has shown to be a more reliable shipping carrier, delivering your package on time
  • FedEx has a better track record of package handling, delivering your package in good condition.
  • FedEx shipping times are usually faster then UPS.  
  • FedEx delivers on Saturday to homes (not business).

If you have any further questions, please contact our office using the information on our contact page here

  • Dale Buchanan

New Raw Recovery Flavor - French Vanilla

A few months ago we had to discontinue the Orange Cream flavor of Dale's Raw Recovery because our supplier was no longer able to manufacture that flavor. 

We have added a new flavor, French Vanilla, which you can purchase here.

Nutritional values and recipe are are the same as the orange cream. 

NOTE: The current image for this flavor, still shows the bag as Orange Cream, until we get a new photo taken of the new flavor.