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The Truth About Protein Powders

The Truth About Protein Powders

I started using protein powders 1982.  Since then I have always supplemented my diet with many types of protein powders.

I have tried whey protein, which gave me allergies;  soy protein, which did absolutely nothing for my body except make it tired and weak;  egg protein, which gave me bad gas, bloating, and diarrhea; casein protein, which gave me skin irritations, ear infection, and digestive problems.  Each one of these proteins always presented some sort of problem with my body.

In 2010, after a 9 week detox to cleanse my entire body, I switched to a "High Raw" diet by eating about 80% raw fruits, vegetables, nut's and seeds. The only problem was that I lost a lot of muscle and strength, which for an athlete and personal trainer, was not a good thing.  Finding raw vegan protein sources was a challenge.  I came across a popular brown rice protein which was helping a lot, however I still felt something was missing.

After another year of research, testing, and development of the best plant based proteins, I finally created Dale's Raw Protein, a combination of the best plant based proteins. My strength came back up, I added several pounds of muscle, lost a lot of body fat (due to the clean raw food diet) and there were zero side effects.  I was feeling great and performing better in my fitness training sessions then ever before.

Dale BuchananHere is a photo of me in 2011, with why first batch of 1lb jars, pointing to my face on the back. This photo was taken in my kettlebell gym in Boca Raton, before I had the original location for Dale’s Raw Foods commercial kitchen. 

In 2011, I did a series of videos called The History of Protein Powder.  You can see these two videos, plus detailed info on my original protein powder at my website Dale’s Raw Protein. These are two long videos filled with some great information on protein powders. Each video is 10 minutes long, and remember they were filmed by me in April 2011. Some things have changed since then, but not much. You can see these videos here


"Plant based proteins are quickly becoming the best selling protein powders on the market.  The reason for this is simple…plant based protein powders are amazing, with little side effects."

Since 2010, I have created two other vegan protein products, Dale’s Raw Muscle Builder, and Dale’s Raw Recovery.  Here is a link to a blog post I did on the differences for each product.  Once gain, you can find our protein powder comparison here.

Dale's Raw Protein

Dale’s Raw Protein is not only available as a powder, it’s the exact same proprietary blend we use in Dale’s Raw Protein Bars. The combination of pea protein isolate, rice protein, and hemp protein have made our protein bars unique with a great nutritional value and 22g plant based protein each bar. 


Dale's Raw Protein Bars

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