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Where are the Variety Packs?

Protein Bar Variety Packs are currently unavailable. 

In order for us to have variety packs available, we need to have a large surplus of the variety pack flavors above and beyond what we sell of those flavors as full boxes of 12. We currently do not have this surplus, preventing us from offering the variety packs at this time. 

Due to high sales volume of our best selling flavors, we will not be able to offer the variety packs at this time. 

An alternative option is to create your own Variety Pack or Sample Pack from our Single Bars page. This gives you the option to purchase whatever you want in any quantities you desire 

Our goal is to relaunch the Protein Bar Variety Packs in January 2019. We will send out emails and place posts on our social media pages as announcements. 

Maca Bars Discontinued

We recently discontinued two flavors of protein bars that included the superfood raw maca powder. These flavors include Chocolate Chia Maca and Mango Maca Acai.

The reason for this change is due to ongoing research and testing, by myself, of the negative effects of raw maca powder on the body.  I recently started to have severe stomach cramps and digestive issues after consuming raw maca powder or the bars that used maca powder in the ingredients. 

The following quote os from

"Enzymes contained in the root disturb the normal digestion process causing diarrhea, flatulence and bloating. Intake of fresh maca causes stomach pain."

In addition to discontinuing these two protein bar flavors, we have also stopped selling raw maca powder superfood in bulk.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, however I have a high level of integrity for my company and brand that if I can't eat or consume any of the products that I sell or make for any reason, I do not feel it's appropriate to sell them to my customers. 


Fudge Brownie Discontinued

Many manufacturing companies discontinue the production of products from time to time. The automobile industry is a prime example. The car that you once loved is no longer being made or sold. There are many reasons for this, and it usually begins with poor sales of that item. 

The food industry is no different. Every once in a while, we have to evaluate our brand and decide what items need to go, what stays, and what is on the horizon. Failure to do this frequently is failure to stay in tune with our business and brand, and ultimately the end to the business. 


We recently discontinued the Fudge Brownie raw protein bar for the following reasons: 

  1. 90% of our complaints were for the Fudge Brownie flavor. We don't get very many complaints, but when we do we pay attention. 
  2. Due to the nature of the high amount of raw cacao mixed with the acai powder, the bars were very dry and we tried endlessly to fix the issue with no positive results.
  3. We already have many other chocolate flavors in our line up such as Chocolate Almond Coconut, Cafe Mocha, Mint Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Hazelnut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.  

NOTE: As of September 2017, we also have the new Chocolate Cheesecake flavor. 

See all protein bar flavors here

    New Protein Bar Shape

    You may have noticed that our protein bars have changed shape and have new packaging and boxes. 

    Here is a video explaining the changes:

    The new protein bar shape is thinner and longer...

    Not to worry! Each bar is still the same volume of 60g, as before, and all of our protein bars are still plant based (vegan), gluten free, non-gmo, and free of dairy, and soy. None of the nutritional values or recipes have change. 

    We decided to go for a more simplified look of our packaging with less text and less space inside the wrapper. The result is what you are now seeing as the changes. We were also able to make the boxes smaller, which saves paper. Rest assured, the volume of a box of bars is exactly the same as before...12 bars at 60g per bar. 

    Here is a photo of the new bar shape at 60g.

    Here is a photo of the new bar compared to the old bar shape...same weight of 60g each.


    The Benefits of Ginger

    Ginger is a plant that originates from the rainforest in Southern Asia and its root is widely used as a spice in many of our foods.

    Many people don’t take advantage of the healing effects raw ginger has on the body. Ginger has many therapeutic effects such as calming an upset stomach and muscle aches to fighting off the common cold and ridding the body of toxins.

    Here are some more ways ginger can help heal the body:

    1. Aids in digestion. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects and helps ease nausea and fight a stomachache while moving things along in the digestive tract. The digestive benefits of the fibrous root will stimulate the digestive system and helps move food through the gastrointestinal tract quicker.
    2. Helps fight off the common cold and flu. Relieves congestion and detoxifies the body by getting rid of toxins.
    3. Reduces Nausea. Relief from morning sickness, motion sickness, gas, diarrhea and even helps relieve menstrual cramps, too!
    4. Soothes sore muscles. Since ginger has anti-inflammatory effects it’s known to be effective against exercise-induced muscle pain. The anti-inflammatory effects can also help with osteoporosis.
    5. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels


    Photo used by permission from Adobe Stock

    Dale's Raw Foods uses ginger in our Carrot Cake raw protein bar and have plans to use ginger in future flavors. 

    Wall Street Journal Article

    WSJ Article“I’m not a foodie,” Ms. Pao says. “I eat to live, not live to eat.” Ms. Pao says she can’t be bothered cooking and used to order takeout, like pizza. “Then I realized the ease of a blender,” she says. At least one meal a day comes out of the blender, whether it is a smoothie of almond milk, leafy greens, chia seeds and frozen fruit, or apple-butternut squash soup. She always travels with her blender and Dale’s raw protein bars."

    See full article here

    Maca Bars Discontinued

    Fudge Brownie Discontinued

    New Protein Bar Shape

    The Benefits of Ginger

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