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Maca Bars Discontinued

We recently discontinued two flavors of protein bars that included the superfood raw maca powder. These flavors include Chocolate Chia Maca and Mango Maca Acai.

The reason for this change is due to ongoing research and testing, by myself, of the negative effects of raw maca powder on the body.  I recently started to have severe stomach cramps and digestive issues after consuming raw maca powder or the bars that used maca powder in the ingredients. 

The following quote os from

"Enzymes contained in the root disturb the normal digestion process causing diarrhea, flatulence and bloating. Intake of fresh maca causes stomach pain."

In addition to discontinuing these two protein bar flavors, we have also stopped selling raw maca powder superfood in bulk.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, however I have a high level of integrity for my company and brand that if I can't eat or consume any of the products that I sell or make for any reason, I do not feel it's appropriate to sell them to my customers. 


Maca Bars Discontinued