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Protein Comparisons

Since the launch of our new product Dale's Raw Muscle Builder, We have been getting a lot of questions about how it compares to our other products.

This post will get into the basics and I'll try to do a video explanation shortly. Keep in mind that the name Dale's Raw Muscle Builder is simply a product name. It's not implied that it magically will build muscle. 

In order for the body to build muscle, the muscle needs to be broken down, usually by lifting weights or other forms of resistance training, and repaired with food, sleep, vitamins, and minerals. All food assists with building muscle, however the amino acids in protein will do the most work when accompanied by carbs and/or fat to transport the amino's in the cells. 

What I have found with Dale's Raw Muscle Builder, mostly because of the plant protein sources used and the easy digestibility without the grains, that I was able to recover much faster from my workouts even better then my original product Dale's Raw Protein and my post workout drink Dale's Raw Recovery.  Therefore, I named the product Dale's Raw Muscle Builder. Plus I had to make it different from the others, from a branding aspect so people did not order the wrong item. 

Here is a video comparison explained

Here is a comparison chart of my 3 protein powders

Protein Comparison Chart

Download larger comparison file here

Protein Comparisons