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Where are the Variety Packs?

Protein Bar Variety Packs are currently unavailable. 

In order for us to have variety packs available, we need to have a large surplus of the variety pack flavors above and beyond what we sell of those flavors as full boxes of 12. We currently do not have this surplus, preventing us from offering the variety packs at this time. 

Due to high sales volume of our best selling flavors, we will not be able to offer the variety packs at this time. 

An alternative option is to create your own Variety Pack or Sample Pack from our Single Bars page. This gives you the option to purchase whatever you want in any quantities you desire 

Our goal is to relaunch the Protein Bar Variety Packs in January 2019. We will send out emails and place posts on our social media pages as announcements. 

Wall Street Journal Article

WSJ Article“I’m not a foodie,” Ms. Pao says. “I eat to live, not live to eat.” Ms. Pao says she can’t be bothered cooking and used to order takeout, like pizza. “Then I realized the ease of a blender,” she says. At least one meal a day comes out of the blender, whether it is a smoothie of almond milk, leafy greens, chia seeds and frozen fruit, or apple-butternut squash soup. She always travels with her blender and Dale’s raw protein bars."

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Wall Street Journal Article