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New Protein Bar Shape

You may have noticed that our protein bars have changed shape and have new packaging and boxes. 

Here is a video explaining the changes:

The new protein bar shape is thinner and longer...

Not to worry! Each bar is still the same volume of 60g, as before, and all of our protein bars are still plant based (vegan), gluten free, non-gmo, and free of dairy, and soy. None of the nutritional values or recipes have change. 

We decided to go for a more simplified look of our packaging with less text and less space inside the wrapper. The result is what you are now seeing as the changes. We were also able to make the boxes smaller, which saves paper. Rest assured, the volume of a box of bars is exactly the same as before...12 bars at 60g per bar. 

Here is a photo of the new bar shape at 60g.

Here is a photo of the new bar compared to the old bar shape...same weight of 60g each.


Welcome To Our New Website

There are many new features on our new website that you should know about including:

  • Customer Log in - Located upper right of the website. This allows you to create an account, update shipping info, track orders, and review your past orders.
  • Shop by tag - Located lower left sidebar. Here you will be able to search for any items by tag (ie: vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry). We have over 50 tags. 
  • Sort by - Located at top of the category page. This will allow you to filter within that category by price, name, and best selling.  
  • Customer Reviews - Located at the bottom of each product page. You can view comments as well as star ratings for each product. 
  • Blog - Our new blog is built right into the website. Click tab in upper right or view our Latest Posts in the left sidebar. 

There are many other features and we will be sure to update you regularly as they are added to our new website. 

New Protein Bar Shape

Welcome To Our New Website