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Social Media FAQ

Social Media FAQ

Below are the answers to the top recent questions that we get on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Also, we have a more extensive FAQ page here

  • Are your bars keto friendly? First of all, we're not promoting them as a keto bar. To answer the question, It depends on the individual. For most people I would say maybe. If you are highly keto adapted, it's unlikely that 6-8g of sugar, combined with the fats and proteins in our bars will knock you out of ketosis.  However, you will have to test for yourself and see. 
  • Are your proteins RAW? Dale's Raw Protein and Dale's Raw Muscle Builder is as close to RAW as you will ever get in a proprietary blend protein powder.  The pea and rice proteins are both fractionated from the legume or grain at a very low temperature (below 115 degrees), and the hemp protein is the entire seed ground into a powder.  
  • Can you make bars with less carbs/sugar? With the ingredients we use, the short answer is no. We've brought down the dates and coconut nectar as far as we can to reduce the carbs and sugars, without compromising the taste, texture, or adding more sweeteners to bring out the flavors.  We also tried a recipe that many other companies are now doing, which is to use an IMO pre biotic fiber to bring down the net carbs and that did not go well for our products.  The taste and texture was not to our satisfaction, and the end result was far from a RAW protein bar.  
  • Do you have any nut free bars? Not at this time, however we are working on a new protein bar that is nut free and uses Sunbutter (from sunflowers). These will be available early 2019. 
  • Do you have any grain free bars? Not at this time, however we are working on a nut free and grain free protein bar that uses sunflower butter with pea, cranberry, and pumpkin protein, These will be available early 2019. 
  • Is the nutritional yeast you use non-fortified? Yes, it is. Our supplier is Sari Foods Company, you can read more about the company and ingredient here.  
  • Why do BOGO orders take so long to be shipped? BOGO orders do take up to 28 days to be fulfilled. This has always been our policy since we started Dale's Raw Foods in 2011, because we don't stock completed products, only the ingredients. Each bar is made fresh the day before they are shipped to you, instead of sending you bars that have been sitting on shelves and losing their nutritional values. We only send FRESH PRODUCT! We make each order on a first come, first served basis, and even though we've built a new bigger facility, we are running at full capacity and working long days and some weekends. We are now getting so many orders each BOGO, it simply takes a while to make each order. The upside is that you are getting FREE boxes of bars that are freshly made. 
  • Are you protein bars organic? They are not organic, and we are not making that claim. However, all of our ingredients are Non-GMO. We looked into getting all of our current ingredients organic, and a lot of them were not available. Plus the cost was so high, we'd have to significantly raise our prices and we would never be able to offer discounts like the BOGO sale, due to smaller profit margins. All of the top protein bar companies out there right now are not organic, and they are probably 1000x bigger than us, so I think to most people it must not be a huge concern or those protein bar giants would not be doing so well. 
  • Why don't you offer FREE Shipping like Amazon Prime? First of all, we do offer free shipping on orders over a certain order amount, which currently is $75. Secondly, we are not a distributor of other people's products, we are a manufacturer of our own products, which we distributed directly to the customer.  We are a very small company, not even a fraction of the size of Amazon and other online retailers, so we're not able to compete with what they offer. Finally, we have a flat rate shipping fee of $5.95 for orders under $75, which is half of the average cost of $12 that UPS charges us to ship a box anywhere in the US. So, we are splitting that cost with you...unless of course you purchase over $75, then we pay for the shipping fees out of our profits from the products you ordered. 
  • Where are the Variety Packs? We offer protein bar variety packs when we have a surplus of bars to add to them. We recently had a sale on variety packs, however they are currently unavailable, while we focus on fulfilling current orders of full boxes one flavor. 
  • What are your best selling bars? You can sort each collection by best sellers using the dropdown menu in the upper right of the collection page. Also, notice the number of reviews for each flavor to help you decide. 
  • Do you offer a protein bar sample pack? We do not have one currently available. You can design your own sample pack from our protein bar singles page, adding to the cart whichever flavors you'd like to try. 
  • Where are the nutrition facts? We have worked very hard to make sure that the nutrition facts are clearly visible on each product page. Hopefully, we've got it right. You can see more details on finding the nutrition facts along with other detailed nutrition information here
  • When will my order be shipped? Please contact customer service by email at or by phone 561-544-0044 during business hours M-F 8am-4pm to check the status of your order.  Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a reply. 

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