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November BOGO Sale

We've had a lot of requests from hundreds of new customers to launch another BOGO sale, and we're happy to do so. The upcoming holiday season is a great time to offer our customers savings on our Protein Bars.

We know that there are still outstanding orders from the previous BOGO that ended October 21. We are diligently working very long days with a full staff to get your orders made and shipped ASAP.  Those orders will be completely fulfilled very soon.  We are sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience. 

Keep in mind that BOGO orders do take up to 28 days to be fulfilled. This has always been our policy since we started Dale's Raw Foods in 2011, because we don't stock completed products, only the ingredients. Each bar is made fresh the day before they are shipped to you, instead of sending you bars that have been sitting on shelves and losing their nutritional values. We only send FRESH PRODUCT! 

We make each order on a first come, first served basis. We are now getting so many orders each BOGO, it simply takes a while to make each order, we can't make them all in a week. The upside is that you are getting FREE boxes of bars that are freshly made. 

FYI...This BOGO offer will expire Wednesday, November 28 at 11:59pm EST.

BOGO Sale extended through December 9, 2018

To see all BOGO terms and ordering instructions, click here

ALSO, I've put together a new FAQ page that gives answers to new questions we get on Facebook and Instagram pages. Click here to read.


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  • Dale Buchanan