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How Dales Raw Foods Got Started

How Dales Raw Foods Got Started

Below is the story of how a guy with a vision, and an idea that flourished due to an action, and then went on to build a successful business with only $300.

I started experimenting with raw foods in June 2010, while on a detox to cleanse my internal systems. From there, I learned a lot about raw food diets, and the power of living foods and superfoods. I was mentored by a local colon hydrotherapist and then began watching every youtube video and reading every book on raw foods that I could find. 

I had experienced several physical issues shortly after I started the raw food diet, mainly due to the lack of high protein raw foods. By suggestion, I experimented with a raw vegan brown rice protein and I got great results.  I started using this protein daily to regain the strength I had lost from eating only raw vegan foods for several weeks.

"In July 2010 I brought some of my home made raw protein bars using the brown rice protein plus dates, berries, nuts, and seeds to a kettlebell workshop at my personal training gym in Boca Raton."

The feedback was incredible and everyone told me I needed to sell these protein bars to the public. Being a fitness professional, with no food manufacturing experience, I initially declined. However at the end of 2010, a friend encouraged me to start selling my products and design a new business.

Dale's Raw Foods


In January 2011, Dale’s Raw Foods was born! This happened due to my actions of starting a raw food diet just 7 months prior.  The result is what you see today. I’ve created over 70 products myself, most of them still available for sale on the website.  

Here is a collage of photos from September 2011, at our first location. No fancy equipment, everything made by hand, and making 25 boxes of protein bars in one day was a big deal. 

These 8 years have not been easy. I’m not hanging out on the beach all day doing nothing. My work day starts at 6am and ends at 11pm, every day, even on weekends. I get no vacations, no time off, and no holidays. I never get to turn off my phone or computer. This is the life of an entrepreneur. 

"Anybody who wants this life has to be resilient with the courage to take action and keep moving forward. This life is not for everybody. Not many people can handle it day in and day out for 8 years."

During the past 6 months, the hardest so far, I’ve experienced more challenges and obstacles that I can mention in this article.  I’ve hit rock bottom, and had to work my way back up the ladder, like I’m doing right now. 

I made mistakes and learned from all of them. I could write a book about this 8 year journey, I’m sure a lot of people could learn a lot from the material.  Let’s just say that owning and running a business like Dale’s Raw Foods is not easy. In fact, it’s very hard….however I would not trade places with anybody right now because I absolutely love what I do and owning Dale’s Raw Foods is a blessing.

I'm not done yet! More great things happening in 2019. This will be our best year yet.

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