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How Are Protein Bars Made?

How Are Protein Bars Made?

Many people don’t realize that most protein bars are not actually made by the company that sells them.

Most bars are made at a factory that also makes hundreds of other companies products. At Dale’s Raw Foods we make our protein bars ourselves, in our own state of the art production facility that we built specifically to make our products. 

The bars you purchase from other companies are made in mass quantities (usually hundreds of thousands at a time), packed, and put on a shelf until they are ready for distribution to stores or to be sold online.

Dale’s Raw Protein Bars are made in small batches, fresh daily, and then shipped directly to you the day after they are made. Our bars have not been rotting on shelves for months, reducing the nutritional values and texture of the product. We have done it this way since our inception in January 2011 and this is one thing that makes our company and products unique.

In our production facility, the only thing that has passes through our equipment is our own products, and the plant based ingredients that are in them. This is not true with most production facilities due to the fact that there are probably many other companies products made in that exact space where they may use dairy, soy, wheat, and egg. Cross contamination of some sort may be happening there, depending on the actual cleaning and sanitizing procedures of that facility.

Check out this video tour of our production facility

When you ORDER from Dale’s Raw Foods, you are doing just that…placing an order. The bars have to be made, in the order they are received, and shipped to you.

If you have placed and order during a BOGO Sale, that is Buy 1, Get 1 FREE on boxes of 12 protein bars, then it does typically take up to 28 days for your order to be made and shipped. This is hard for a lot of people to comprehend, but please try to understand that we get a huge volume of ORDERS during the BOGO and we can’t make everything in a week.

"The positive side of placing an ORDER during the BOGO Sale, and patiently waiting for it to me made, is that you get protein bars at a 50% discount and they are FRESH…not something that has been sitting on a shelf for many months that needs to be liquidated."

We know sometimes, like right now, we fall a little behind fulfilling all BOGO orders within those 28 days, however please keep in mind that we are aware of the delay and we are working as fast as we can to catch up. We will get your order made and shipped, so there is no need to worry, it will get done.

If you wish to check the status of your order, please reach out to customer service by email at

We cannot possibly discuss your order status via a Facebook or Instagram comment or DM, because the people who run or social media and order fulfillment are not the same.  Only the customer service team, in our office M-F from 8am-4pm, will know all details about orders that have been placed and when they will be made and shipped.

Thank you for your patience.

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