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Where are the Variety Packs?

The Variety Packs have been temporarily discontinued. 

We do not yet have a date to begin selling variety packs again, however it likely will not be until sometime in Spring of 2018.

In order for us to have variety packs available, we need to have a surplus of the variety pack flavors above and beyond what we sell of those flavors as full boxes of 12. We have not had this surplus in a while, preventing us from offering the variety packs for any extended period of time. 

With sales on an increase, as we approach or busy season, we will not be able to offer the variety packs. We just recently doubled our production and the full boxes of food bars are sold out almost right away. If things do change and we can increase production beyond what we already are doing, we will make an announcement via our email list and Facebook page. 

An alternative option is to create your own variety pack from our Samples page.

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  • Dale Buchanan